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VOIP technology has been around since the 1970s. However, it got more popular and widespread much later. Nowadays, many businesses turn to these services and the most well-knows providers like Verizon and Microsoft (with the Skype software). Let’s find out which sites offer the best review of the top VOIP providers to help you pick.

The first site on the list has to be top10voipproviderreviews.com. The name speaks for itself. This page gathers reviews of the most popular providers in the modern market. Each review doesn’t only contain detailed information but also highlights the special offers, coupons, and deals. You can also get to the official site of the VOIP provider you need in one click. The review covers the price, performance, customer service, and features. You’ll also see the pros and cons of choosing each provider on the list. In the end, there is a 100-point scale. According to this site, the leader is RingCentral.

GetVOIP is another popular site dedicated to this topic. It also has this narrow specification and reviews the best from the best. Aside from the reviews, the site teaches you which facts to pay attention to when reading any review. For instance, you need to check the dating and objectivity. The reviews on this site cover 6 main factors that include product quality, refund policy, setup process, pricing, customer experience, service reliability, uptime guarantee, and features. The leader on this site is Nextiva.

Another reliable website with VOIP reviews is voip.review. However, you don’t only get them. You might be surprised to discover lots of other articles and news related to the industry. There is a weekly digest that gives you a brief overview of what’s happening. You’ll get VOIP news, market trends, guides, tips, etc. Besides, there is a separate category on the site that teaches you the VOIP basics. It’s a unique site since it brings so much to the topic. There are always new interviews and ideas published. The section of the top 10 makes up interesting lists like the top 10 VPN providers, the top 10 VOIP apps for Consumers, etc.

If you prefer getting information from big sites that cover a much wider niche, you should read PC Mag. It also reviews VOIP providers and regularly updates the story as well as the highlights that changed. The editor’s choice here is RingCentral but the site also rated some other options like 8×8, Intermedia Unite, Vonage Business Cloud, etc. Every review compares the pros & cons, explains the pricing policy, and describes the features. They are long and profound delivering you lots of food for thought.

The same concept is applied to Techradar. It covers all tech-related things. The reviews here include the pricing, features, security, performance, and the final verdict. You’ll also find all the pros and cons. While the reviews are complete and mention all the essential facts, it’s not very convenient to get them on this platform since there is no dedicated category. The only way you can learn more about the provider is to know which one you need precisely and then use the search bar to get the data.

All in all, voip.review seems like the best option. It’s focused on one topic only but brings up lots of other useful articles on the related things and tech.

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